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Updates are Available Now

The current version for the Mac is now 1.5.4, and for the iPad is 1.5.3. If you purchased from the App Store, you will need to go back there to get the latest updates. If you purchased from our website, you can download the updates from within OLLY (go to the Help menu, and check from updates there).

Minimum Requirements

I did my best to avoid changing the system requirements, but when I upgraded the Dropbox support, their framework dictated the minimum system requirements. So now the minimum requirements for the latest updates is MacOS 10.10 on the Mac, and iOS 9 on the iPad. If you have an older computer or iPad, your current version of OLLY will continue to run, but you will not be able to use the latest release of OLLY.

Dropbox Changes (Please read if you use the Sync feature!)

Dropbox has shut down the old API framework that was being used by the previous versions of OLLY. This and future releases of OLLY will continue to support Dropbox because I am now using the newer supported framework provided by Dropbox. This update will work mostly like it did in the past, but there are a few differences.

  • A new Dropbox folder will be used to store the data files in. The old version stored the files in the Apps/OLLY Dropbox folder. The new version will store files in the Apps/OLLY.v1 folder. Your old files will be left in Apps/OLLY Dropbox folder but will no longer be used (you can delete them later, or leave them as a back up. Please don’t delete the old files until you are sure the new version is working and syncing correctly, though).

  • You will need to reauthorize OLLY to access Dropbox on each of your devices. Do this on your primary device/computer first. When you try to link to Dropbox from OLLY, you will either be redirected to the Dropbox app, or you will be redirected to the Dropbox website. Depending on the speed of your device, this may take several seconds to load up the app or website.

  • You will need to link your primary device/computer first, and then push data from this device/computer to Dropbox. This initial upload request will upload every data file from OLLY to the new empty Dropbox folder. After this initial upload request, only changes will be uploaded to Dropbox in future requests.